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Weekly 2008-09 Rankings

As of September 7, 2008

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East Carolina

Under the Bowl Playoff Series Perpetual Ranking System, this is your 2008 preseason rankings. (see RIM formula)






















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Bowl Playoff Series

Welcome to the most exciting innovation to college sports since the 3-point line. The Bowl Playoff Series (BPS) is a college football playoff system which incorporates the traditional bowl games as playoff venues. The BPS was designed to enhance the current BCS system which many would argue, does not have a clear cut way of determining who gets to play for the Division-I National Championship. Obviously, the BCS' main goal is to have the 2-top ranked teams in the country contend for title in one of its prestigious bowl games. However, one of the biggest flaws to this system is the pre-season ranking of the Top-25 teams in the land. Theoretically, as long as the preseasons ranked 1 and 2 teams remain undefeated, odds are these will also be the teams playing for title. But what about the other viable teams of the land that in their own rights were never given an opportunity to contend due to lower ranking? What about teams having identical win-loss records as the top 2 teams in the country? These are questions the BCS has been tackling since its inception only to tweak the system over the years and not find a solution. Well, the solution has finally arrived in a democratic form that is ready to excite football fans around the country. Please enjoy the site and information provided. Most of all please support the idea and dream that the majority of the country wants as well. That vision is the opportunity to participate in or be part of a Division IA College Football playoff.

Urban Meyer and his Florida Gators are the Bowl Playoff Series 2008-09 Pre-season #1.
courtesy of AP News photo


College Football News

Happenings Around the Country

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*Stories reported by ESPN &, APNews


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